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We are compiling a list of all publicly available pump tracks (see here). Please share with us all you know of. Pictures and/or videos would be great. Send info to pumptrackaddict@gmail.com

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The Story

On June 11, 2011 we started work on our backyard pump track using plans drawn up with the help of Lee McCormack's Pump Track ebook: Welcome to Pump Track Nation

I had never ridden on a pump track or even seen one in person, but all the information online and YouTube videos made it sound and look fun (and oh so easy...NOT). In spite of having not been on a bike  in over 5 years I took the plunge.

Three truckloads of dirt, three months, and over 400 man hours of labor later and we had a "pumpable" track (my 14 year old son and I were the only shovel wielders). The process and the product were worth every minute. Out of pocket cost - about $600 (not including new bike).

At 47 years old I was overweight, had high blood pressure, couldn't walk across my yard without getting winded and had not
been able to stick with any fitness program since high school. Riding the pump track doesn't seem like exercise...until you have to stop after just a few laps because your legs and lungs are on fire.  In only 2 months I lost 20 pounds, no more high blood pressure, and decreased my resting heart rate by 20%.

My Pump Track is not a means to an end...it is the end. I am a pump track addict. Once you get a taste of this drug you will be too!


Our Backyard Pump Track Plans

Our Backyard Pump Track Before & After

Backyard Pump Track Chronology and Use

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